Tory Lanez – Alone at Prom (Deluxe) (Album Review)

OK, we get it, you didn’t like For All The Dogs. While everyone has their reasons as to why they didn’t like the album, my personal reason for not loving it is that I just thought it had too many singing tracks. In this Scary Hours edition of For All My Dogs, we get more rap verses than we can handle. For about 5 and a half of the tracks, Drake hits us with rap verses that are filled with lofty punchlines, tons of s**t-talking, immaculate flows, and more. There are barely any singing moments, and the beats are not very complex. If you are a rap enthusiast, you will give chef kisses to most of the tracks. But, can I be honest with you? At a certain point while listening to the project, I said: “Alright, alright, you proved your point. Now go back to making commercial records.” I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re all spoiled Drake fans who don’t know what we want from him these days.

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